At the Madhouse Academy, our mission is to provide our local community with the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive in all areas of jiu jitsu and yoga. We are fully dedicated to maintaining a positive, educational, and safe environment so our students can focus on their goals whether they are casual practitioners or serious competitors who are hungry to win.

We’re very simple. We just want to train hard, have fun and give back. 

meet the owners



Coach Pat began his jiu jitsu journey in 2011. He has been training and teaching Gi and No Gi of all skill and age levels for the last 10 years and has competed in many high level jiu jitsu tournaments around the world. Now co-owning the Madhouse Academy with his wife, Coach Pat is more determined than ever to share his passion of the martial art with those around him and bring the Madhouse team all the way to the top. 


Brown Belt: Ranked Top 50 Overall

  • IBJJF 2x Nationals Vegas Gi Bronze Medalist 
  • IBJJF Nationals No Gi Silver Medalist 
  • IBJJF Vegas National No Gi Silver Medalist 
  • IBJJF Boston Open Champion Gold Medalist 
  • IBJJF New York Pro Silver Medalist 
  • IBJJF Austin Texas Silver Medalist
  • IBJJF Texas Open Weight Class Bronze 
  • IBJJF Boston Open Bronze Medalist 
  • IBJJF Washington D.C Open Silver Medalist 
  • 2x Fight To Win Veteran 

Purple Belt: Ranked Top 30 Overall (2016 & 2017) 

  • IBJJF Atlanta No Gi Gold Medalist 
  • IBJJF Nationals No Gi Silver Medalist 
  • 2x Grapplers Quest Beast Of The East Champion 
  • 1x Grapplers Quest Nationals Champ
  • IBJJF 3x New York Open Gi Silver Medalist
  • IBJJF 1x  New York Open No Gi Silver Medalist
  • IBJJF 4x New York Open Gi Bronze Medalist
  • IBJJF 1x New York Pro Bronze Medalist
  • 2x Ibjjf D.C Open Silver Medalist 

Blue Belt: Ranked Top 25 Overall

  • Bronze Pan Ams Medalist 
  • 2x Grapplers Quest Nationals Gold Medalist 
  • Grapplers Quest Beast Of The East Gold Medalist

Courtney materano

CO-OWNER, Yoga teacher, health coach, BLue BELT

As someone who is happiest when they are at the gym, Courtney knew that she was destined to work in the health/wellness field. 

Beginning her jiu jitsu journey in 2019, Courtney decided to take on the Hawaii Triple Crown  and left a bronze medalist. She used competition to test her skills and found that in order to improve she needed to work on connecting her mind and body at a higher level. Once again challenging herself, Courtney decided taking yoga classes wasn’t enough and enrolled in a 200hr teacher training program and received her Yoga Teacher Certification in 2021. 

Courtney believes that along with exercise, holistic wellness strategies are the best way to achieve and maintain a healthy body, mind, and soul. Now as the co-owner of the Madhouse Academy, Courtney vows to spread her passion for a healthy lifestyle to as many people as possible to help make if not the world, her community a happier, healthier place along with her partner in crime, Patrick.